The AVGVS founders believe in the concept of ‘slow fashion’, where a conscious shift towards owning items of enduring quality prevails over the current culture of fast and disposable fashion of poor quality, that ultimately ends up as landfill. Once upon a time all accessories were made in the ‘slow’ method, built to last many years and possibly even be passed on to ones children. Today this level of quality has become inaccessible to a broad audience, so part of the AVGVS vision is to democratize luxury by offering the highest quality at accessible price-points. We believe every product we create should be enduring. From a quality standpoint we are uncompromising, using only the finest construction techniques and materials – from our stitching techniques to our use of ion-plating for hardware to ensure plating doesn’t fade or wear off, our focus on longevity is unwavering. We believe that a return to quality, that is within reach, is the necessary antidote to the disposable fast fashion that is harming our planet.


    We also believe our designs should be enduring from a design standpoint. This can only be achieved through a commitment to originality and authenticity in design. Whilst we celebrate traditional craftsmanship techniques, we also live with our feet firmly planted in today. Smartphone pockets, built-in laptop padding, and other technology enabling details are some of the functional details that feature in the range. However from an external design standpoint, we march to the beat of our own drum.


    We do not believe in traditional seasonality – it’s an outdated concept that doesn’t take into account that today’s customer increasingly wants to “buy now to wear now”. Our customer is often a global traveller who may be shopping for multiple climates at any given time, so our designs and colors are purposely seasonless.  Our colour palette is defined by the the dark and brooding mood that defines the brand aesthetic, season-in, season-out. The most important benefit this offers is the opportunity to slow down the cycle of consumption.