AVGVS [aw-guhs] is a new breed of luxury brand, the first to be born global, digital and most importantly, conscious.

AVGVS is firstly distinguished by its signature ‘dark luxe’ aesthetic, derived from the creative exploration of the darker elements of its Australian provenance, particularly the perilous beauty of its flora and fauna – the leathergoods collections are all named after poisonous indigenous plants and the serpent theme figures not only in the logo, but is continuously explored in prints and other design elements. Original design is combined with the finest European artisanal techniques to craft accessories that are uncompromising in quality, have a distinctive luxury signature, yet are still accessible.

AVGVS is even further differentiated by its Conscious Luxury positioning, the social and environmental commitment that has been built into the operating model from the outset. The company has been founded on the principles of conscious capitalism, which is about ensuring that the commitment to “do good” for People and Planet is deeply embedded into everything the team does and that there is a purpose beyond profit.

Pronounced like August, but without the “t”, the name AVGVS is derived from the latin name Avgvstvs, a reformer and patron of the arts and literature. The name pays homage to all that is inspiring and thought-provoking in creative expression.

The brand motif, the serpent in a figure eight, is inspired by the Ouroboros, one of the world’s oldest mystical symbols – it represents growth, continuous renewal and timelessness. It is symbolic of the AVGVS brand’s quest for continually original creative execution, as well as for crafting items that are enduring in both quality and design.